your specialized partner !

your specialised partner!

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Who We Are

Stability, diversity and quality are at the heart of Alteco’s success. Three pillars which now form the new Alteco logo. Thanks to our experience, the skill of our employees and the constant attention to quality, Alteco is able to carry out diverse and complex metal working projects for which specialised know-how is imperative. For every metal working project, Alteco guarantees the highest quality, an impeccable service and a timely, accurate delivery.

Welding components

For precision work such as welded compressor parts, accuracy is of the greatest importance. Alteco has the technology and experience in-house. In addition, continual quality control throughout all stages of the operation guarantees the desired quality.

100% assurance is only just good enough for us. Alteco makes prototypes, piecework,  small series and standard components.

In addition to the welding of collectors, specific pipe parts and casting or machine parts, finishing work such as painting galvanising, chemical and electrolytic plating is also carried out in-house.

Custom-made for each client

Alteco N.V. has been specialising in complex Vessel and machine manufacturing, sheet metal work and machine operations and welding components for more than 40 years.

A sure guarantee of the highest quality. In addition, Alteco has an excellent quality control system and follows the latest European quality trends closely. Around fifty Alteco specialised employees are able, thanks to their experience and skills, to fulfil the highest quality demands of all their clients.

They cary out highly demanding precision work for companies that are looking for extremely high quality and safety norms, such as machine manufacturers, and the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Some of our clients include: Atlas Copco Airpower, Ensysta, Bayer, Degussa, Fike Europe, Procter & Gamble, Schering Plough, Smith-Kline-Beecham for whom we regularly produce customised components and machinery.